iVue Temp Password Switch off



iVue Temp Password Switch off

On Jan 15, we commenced the extraordinary measures of killing iVue Classic, for reasons that are well documented, and launching iVue2 with greater security measures, server relief and as a gateway to iVue3.

We are pleased to announce that server strain has been alleviated and the development of iVue3 is on schedule, and will include some new features requested by users. Release date has yet to be decided.

Further, we are immensely pleased to announce that as of MAY 26, 2016, the temp password used for iVue2 access will be discontinued. Access to the guide will strictly be via unique personal login credentials.

MAY 26, 2016 will also mark the date when iVue begins to do things a little differently. We will focus our attention and support on what we do best and where we feel it’s most beneficial…on the guide itself.

We will no longer be giving support for other addons or Kodi in general. We will not be, nor allow, the posting of youtube videos for topics other than those that are iVue approved. We will not fall victim to the drama and pettiness of online disputes by allowing posts from other pages.

There are a plethora of support groups that deal with these topics. We feel we best serve you when we concentrate on iVue issues. Therefore, we are also announcing the immediate closure of the IVUE GENERAL HELP facebook page. The TECBOX & IVUE TV GUIDE page and TEAMIVUE pages remain open as usual.

To assist, in what we anticipate to be a large number of login requests, we have opened a new page dedicated to login requests. IVUE TV GUIDE can be found at

Our community is strong, it’s friendly and it’s knowledgeable. We like that, and we think you like it too. We believe becoming fully iVue specific will allow us to stay that way.

Our userbase is loyal, and our team strong. This is what allows iVue to be the best epg in the streaming community. For this we are humbled and grateful. #TeamIvue



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