iVue TV Guide Change XML/Channel List

iVue TV Guide has different channel lists to help suit everyone’s needs. To see a list of the channels on each list please click here. Some channel lists are matched to specific add-ons and some contain just the more popular channels. To select the list that best suits you please follow the steps below.

  • Open Kodi on your device.
  • Select PROGRAMS or Apps

  • Highlight – DO NOT SELECT – iVue TV Guide

  • Open the Context Menu (C on your keyboard, right click with a mouse, long press on touch screen devices or Menu button on your remote) and select Add-On Settings

  • Select Source

  • Click on XML TV type

  • A list of XML files will apprear. Choose the appropriate file

  • Press OK

  • Open iVue TV Guide and let the data load

  • Go back out of iVue TV Guide and load the guide again and you will see your chosen list.

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