iVue updated version 2.0.2

iVue 2.0.2 has been released to all the video below is of 2.0.0 a new video will follow but it will get you going just fine.

We are proud to announce the launch of the new iVue Forum which has a wealth of tutorials. http://ivuetvguide.com/forum sign up requires no activation just register with your username and pass and email please create one dont use your iVue logins

Please note this version only comes with default skin. in the video below you can now pick the ones you want. if you have a build skin that you use tell us and we can add it for you.

—— Guide data has now been extended to 5 days on all XMLS
—— The guide data on next load will now download a zip file and decompress the xml on your actual machine **** means its quicker to load up now and less server load ****
—— The back space return opens the sub menu and in there you’ll see schedule. you can now jump fwd up-to 5 days
—— The back space return opens the sub menu you will also see it now says tools instead you can soft reset and hard rest inside this menu and iVue will auto close
—— Guide data will now reload every 48 hours as it will use the new zipped downloading
—— Fresh installs or hard reset you will no longer be prompted for user pass they are done for you

Blood sweat tears have gone into this version from the entire team. i would like to say how fantastic they have all done, in building the forums to developing iVue. they are such an important part so show them some love as best you can
All other functions of iVue 2.0 remain intact including large fonts * visually impaired*

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